Living in Mauritius. Which region to choose?

Living in Mauritius. Which region to choose?

Is your expatriation project progressing rapidly? Do you want to come and live in Mauritius? Is your brain in turmoil? Excitement? Stress?
It’s the emotional lift and it’s normal! You are living a real life adventure!

Visa, work permit, school registration, move ... all these steps are necessary for your arrival and your installation in Mauritius!

But in which region to choose to live?

When you live more than 10,000 km away, it is hard to understand and imagine the ideal neighborhood. Pictures of houses on a real estate website are not enough and it is important to know the surroundings of your place of residence.

The West and the North are the 2 most popular regions for expatriates. Although very different, they both offer an ideal living environment, with modern infrastructures, shops, hospitals and clinics, French and British schools, ...

Everyone has their own criteria of "Home Sweet Home" - "I want to be close to shops" - "30 minutes maximum commute to work" - "Being near a beach but with a reasonable rent" - "I need to be in nature, far from the noise of the city "...

Personally, I first lived in Pereybere, near Grand Baie, in the North. The first three / four years of my expatriation in Mauritius. Very practical, close to shops, cinemas, bars, and restaurants, etc. It was quite easy to build up a social network. Unfortunately, many expats leave the island after 3 or 4 years maximum, at the end of their mission. The turnover of expats is quite impressive in the North. After these first years spent in the North of Mauritius, I moved further south, in the West of the island, to Albion. For reasons of friendship first and then of the quality of life.

Indeed, my life at the domes of Albion is much more peaceful. It corresponds better to the mental image I had of life in Mauritius before settling there.
Although local and smaller shops are quite close to where I live, the calm that we find at the Dômes d'Albion is beneficial. You can hardly hear the wind rushing through the sugar cane plants that adjoin the domes to the east. Going up the road towards Gros Cailloux we still see, early in the morning, washerwomen cleaning the family's clothes in the river. Working from home, I don't need to travel to Port Louis every morning but the capital is more quickly accessible there than from Grand Baie in the North.

In short, for me, the West and Albion are a haven of peace and calm. 5 minutes by car from the beach, 10 minutes from the Cascavelle Shopping Mall in Flic-en-Flac, less than 20 minutes from Tamarin, it is a fairly central place but yet calm. Far from the tumult and saturated traffic that can be found in the North of Mauritius. I loved settling in the North of Mauritius, but now that I live in the West, I can appreciate the country even more.