Interview with the Domes of Albion promotors

Interview with the Domes of Albion promotors

Jean Philippe Brusselmans et Bernard Mongelard

"At the very beginning, people were intrigued by these funny domed dwellings, but when they were able to realize the quality of life offered by this type of residence, they were immediately seduced".


"The Domes of Albion", what is it?

Jean Philippe Brusselmans : It is a residential complex of 19 independent villas and a "Wellness Center" in a secure property located on the heights of Albion with an elusive view of the western lagoon and its sunset.

Bernard Mongelard : All the villas are built with a very original concrete structure in the shape of a dome with graceful curves. The light and open interiors together create a completely new and pleasant living concept.

"The Domes of Albion", where is it?

Bernard Mongelard : Located just a few kilometers from Flic-en-Flac, Port-Louis and Rose-Hill, Albion is very accessible. The advantage of this region is very beneficial to future buyers looking for proximity to the main cities (for professional reasons and for the services available), and the tranquility of a place to live. Today Albion is one of the most promising seaside resorts on the west coast with its accessible beach and pleasant lagoon, where free time equals absolute pleasure...

Who are the people behind the Domes of Albion?

JP Brusselmans : There are three of us, Christian Mongelard, Bernard Mongelard and Jean-Philippe Brusselmans. Passionate about construction, innovation and Eco-Responsibility. During a professional visit to the United States, the discovery of the innovative technique of "Monolithique Dôme Institute" concerning the construction of concrete dome, revived a 40-year-old dream of Bernard Mongelard. Finally, a childhood dream had the opportunity to become a reality! And the Domes of Albion were born!

What is the architectural singularity of these Domes?

Bernard Mongelard : If architecture is distinguished by its form, it is just as much by its method of construction using American technology. Manufactured in one piece (monolithic), these dwellings do not need load-bearing walls, which saves considerable space.

This shape, all in roundness, was not chosen only for its aesthetic appeal. The promoters wanted to provide each villa with large openings and large terraces fully open to the outside in order to favor natural light and better ventilation. This concept, unique in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean, has aroused, since its inception, keen interest from both local and international customers.

What are the attributes of the villas that make up the Domes of Albion?

Bernard Mongelard : Each villa of 300 m² is built on grounds of 750 m² (approximately), with its landscaped garden, planted with shrubs and tropical flowers, as well as a swimming pool. Its structure, its architecture, its principle of construction, and its ventilation system make this type of villa an Eco-Responsible property. Not to mention its hot water supply by a solar system as well as a technique for channeling rainwater to naturally irrigate the garden.

What are the investor profiles concerned by the Dômes d'Albion?

Bernard Mongelard : This type of property is for everyone, individuals looking to live with family, retirees and investors. For families looking for a new quality of life, Mauritius offers security, stability, job opportunities and wide availability of schooling for young people of all ages.

JP Brusselmans : For a peaceful retirement in the sun, Mauritius offers a rather developed healthcare system. Private clinics are generally equipped with state-of-the-art equipment thanks to sustained private investment, which has also encouraged the growth of medical tourism in recent years. It is also important to know that inheritance rights do not exist in Mauritius.

And to conclude :

Bernard Mongelard : If for some, living in Mauritius was only a dream where it was possible to combine the quality of life and business opportunities, today it is a reality if you are ready to try a new adventure! The Pearl of the Indian Ocean welcomes you with open arms.